Ok, I definitely need new eye glasses. My current glasses are still awesome but old enough. I want new ones.
Here are my current:

Oakley Off Line 4.0

It's Oakley brand and it's the « Off Line 4.0 » model but mine are « Olive Chrome ». I bought them 231€ five years ago then now, I wanna change.

Why do I want new ones?

Because these ones are too heavy right now and also too fragile. I already sent them to the warranty because I already broke branches years ago.
When I was younger, I always wanted semi-rimless glasses but I was young and not enough caring to get semi-rimless and again less rimless glasses.

I don't want this now, I still want normal framed glasses but with more sophisticated material like titanium or aluminum for example. I practice sports and it happens my glasses fall down or receive a balloon and most of all, the consequences are not good.

I want solid full-framed glasses with a flexible material I could straighten up when bent. I'm used to fiddle my glasses then I want ones that I can easily repair if broken or twisted.

Glasses which I had a crush with

All these eyeglasses are from ic! berlin. This brand is quite new and really awesome. It makes great designed eyeglasses!
Look at yourself:

The soooo gorgeous Urban model :


Very nice, the Dorian model is thinner but very pretty.


Lovely Bela model even if it's in plastic, I don't think I'll take plastic ones.


Another beautiful model, it's Mao H. Light frames, it looks like smarter beauty.



Which ones do you like the most? You know now what kind of glasses I'm looking for, do you know models or brands like these?
Don't hesitate to write down your feedback and/or eyeglasses you find clean!

Joris Berthelot