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OSX: Dealing with property list files

During my last CareerBuilder Hackathon, I worked finished a project that will incredibly help our growing tech teams. If you ever worked in a consulting company, you know how painful it is to wait to gather server credentials and set up them on your machine to be fully operational.

My project is very simple but damn useful: it generates several type of configuration directly from our platform API. You need to have SSH access to servers or connect to database servers? No problems, you provide your SSH user/key path and I take care of generating the file for you

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Pour vous j'ai essayé la greffe du tympan, 2 fois !

Il y a 3 ans, lors d'un super weekend en campagne dans l'État de New-York (au temps où j'habitais là-bas), je me suis claqué le tympan droit en plongeant d'une hauteur de 30 cm. Oui oui, 30 centimètres.

Après récidive quelques mois plus tard, j'ai décidé de me faire consulter sérieusement à mon retour en France. Entre temps, le tympan était resté ouvert et donc une opération s'imposait pour reboucher ce minuscule orifice.

Une perforation tympanique n'ôte pas l'ouïe

Le nombre de personnes m'ayant demandé comment j'avais pu passer autant de temps avec un tympan ouvert en sous-entendant que je

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Après une activité quasi-inexistente en 2014, j'ai décidé de reprendre en main ce blog. Après avoir quitté Wordpress pour Ghost et OVH pour Amazon EC2, j'ai récemment changé d'hébergement encore car les factures Amazon étaient trop élevées pour ce que j'en faisais.

Mon blog et comme la plupart de mes sites sont maintenant hébergés sur une instance Centos chez Digital Ocean. Après avoir mis à jour Ghost, j'ai décidé de lacher mon précédent thème pour ce magnifique, multi-couleur et minimalistique thème de JollyGoodThemes.

Originalement, le thème ne gérait que 3 couleurs et n'avait pas de coloration syntaxique. Après quelque temps

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cURL: forward POST over HTTP redirections

Recently, I've been stuck on a Web service call that wouldn't be called as supposed to be. When having troubles with WS, it's very important to dump client request and server response.

Using cURL withing PHP, I couldn't understand why my code was building a POST request and cURL returned me a GET request instead when the URI was getting a 301 redirection.

Turned out that it was a configuration issue because the URI wasn't the right one. Thanks to the config team!

What cURL says

When curl follows a redirect and the request is not a plain GET (for

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Wordpress to Ghost

Today For the past 2 weeks, I've been trying to move out from my beloved Wordpress blog to this new, shiny and hipsterish blog plateform called Ghost.

So, two big moves:

The longest part wasn't to have Ghost up and running but to import all my Wordpress shit into this baby's DB. Ha, a long story that involved automated and manual work.

Import WP data into Ghost

At first, I tried the Ghost Wordpress Plugin which exported well my WP data but I

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Android: Remote screenshot with adb

Hi there and happy new year!

Not that it's not easy to find this information but I recently signed up on Snapchat and let's be honest, it's not easy to capture the device screen when long tapping the screen.

Fortunately, Android development kit comes with a shell that allows to control your device from your computer through adb. No teaching you anything today.

I quickly wrote a tiny script that would allow anyone who found the way to install adb to capture your device screen remotely.

Create a screenshot file in the same folder of the adb binary and paste

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