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Wordpress to Ghost

Today For the past 2 weeks, I've been trying to move out from my beloved Wordpress blog to this new, shiny and hipsterish blog plateform called Ghost.

So, two big moves:

The longest part wasn't to have Ghost up and running but to import all my Wordpress shit into this baby's DB. Ha, a long story that involved automated and manual work.

Import WP data into Ghost

At first, I tried the Ghost Wordpress Plugin which exported well my WP data but I

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Android: Remote screenshot with adb

Hi there and happy new year!

Not that it's not easy to find this information but I recently signed up on Snapchat and let's be honest, it's not easy to capture the device screen when long tapping the screen.

Fortunately, Android development kit comes with a shell that allows to control your device from your computer through adb. No teaching you anything today.

I quickly wrote a tiny script that would allow anyone who found the way to install adb to capture your device screen remotely.

Create a screenshot file in the same folder of the adb binary and paste

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Android: Nyan Cat boot animation

I was running with AOSP Strawberry Jelly Bean for a while and it started to be really slow and unresponsive so I tried AOSP SlimBean Build 5.
Didn't suit because I had random reboot even the UI was smooth enough... By the way, if your smart-phone is recent enough, I would recommend this one because it's highly customizable.

I finally ended up using the latest RC of CyanogenMod 10 (including Android 4.2) which seems to work perfectly and seems stable on my old Google Nexus S (codename crespo).

I used to use Titanium Backup to backup and restore my

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USA: Le compte à rebours a commencé

Cet article fait partie d'une série, peut-être souhaiteriez-vous commencer par le début de l'aventure ?

Sinon, vous pouvez directement enchaîner ici :

Bonne année et bonne santé, pour commencer !

J'ai enfin trouvé le temps de finaliser cet article qui a traîné dans mes brouillons depuis des mois, pfiou enfin terminé ! Veuillez m'excuser pour cette grosse lacune de régularité depuis Juillet 2012, je me sens honteux...
Bref, passons, ça en vaut le détour !

Extension de séjour

Si vous

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USA: 6 mois après

Cet article fait partie d'une série, peut-être souhaiteriez-vous commencer par le début de l'aventure ?

Sinon, vous pouvez directement enchaîner ici :

Cela fait maintenant plus de 6 mois que je vis à New York et ça a bien failli s'arrêter prématurément. Si je ne vous donne des nouvelles que maintenant, c'est parce qu'il s'est passé tout un tas de trucs biens mais aussi moins biens depuis la dernière fois.
Je vais essayer de raconter mais pas trop non plus hein,

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PHP: Compile a PECL extension in 64 bits when your compiler runs 32 bits

At my job, I use a Solaris distribution as a development server and the package manager doesn't propose the Xdebug package so I need to use the PECL command, which is fine. But, the PECL manager uses the system compiler which compiles binaries with 32 bits flags although my LAMP stack is 64 bits linked.

No other choice to compile manually my extension and after a few hours of hell (yes, I'm not a C pro :cwy:), I found how to compile correctly my extension.

So, if one day you need to compile a PHP extension in a different architecture,

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