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HQ portraits from Benoit Paillé

Every time I check up his deviantART gallery, I'm amazed by his work! If you are stunned by the high quality of his work (click on photos to see a higher size on deviantART), Benoit explains how he works with strangers, light and post-edition as the description of one of his daily-deviations...
Keep up excellent work Benoit and thank you very much for sharing your wealthy depth sense!

I chose some of his most surreal landscape portraits but check out his square ones, they just have a crazy quality!

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Music in art

I was looking for some evasion through photography then I looked after some beautiful photographies while I was listening to some music. Finally, I merged what I was doing and managed to write it down to share everything with you.

Hope you enjoyed this nice selection and feel free to drop some words...


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Facebook Theater & Memories


Very new feature, Facebook releases a new Photo Viewer title Theater. Nothing very special about this view except it's new ^^. At this time, it seems very buggy (I think it's beeing deployed through cache servers) but you could see a nice preview...
No more need to go in the Photo page to see it, the Theater is directly available from your home stream.


Just discovered too: there is no more « Send » button to post comments. Press Enter key to submit!


Under Photos link in your sidebar, you could see a new link « Memories » which allows you to browse

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