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Upgrading in a few commands

It has been over a year now that I migrated my 2 blogs on full Docker-hosting and I wanted it to be as simple as possible for several reasons:

  • Docker is easy to work with and to maintain
  • Everything is Dockerizable
  • I don't want to spend more than an hour every month or so to upgrade my stacks

At work, we previously used CoreOS to deploy a fleet of Dockerized apps but it was hard to maintain but more specifically, CoreOS is designed for distributed apps, which is not the case of this blog.

So, I searched for a simpler

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Build a basic Docker stack on Digital Ocean

As I'm getting more and more familiar with NodeJS and Docker, I'd like to Dockerize the few Webapps that run on this server so I can avoid to maintain different stacks.

I use Digital Ocean virtual hosting and I'm pretty happy with it.

Docker is straigtforward enough when it comes to run some containers for testing or development purposes but when you need to deal with High Availability or auto-scaling, it could become a real pain in the ass to configure a CoreOS cluster with all the layers that comes with it.
You'd need to setup fleet, a reverse proxy

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Après une activité quasi-inexistente en 2014, j'ai décidé de reprendre en main ce blog. Après avoir quitté Wordpress pour Ghost et OVH pour Amazon EC2, j'ai récemment changé d'hébergement encore car les factures Amazon étaient trop élevées pour ce que j'en faisais.

Mon blog et comme la plupart de mes sites sont maintenant hébergés sur une instance Centos chez Digital Ocean. Après avoir mis à jour Ghost, j'ai décidé de lacher mon précédent thème pour ce magnifique, multi-couleur et minimalistique thème de JollyGoodThemes.

Originalement, le thème ne gérait que 3 couleurs et n'avait pas de coloration syntaxique. Après quelque temps

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