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Ghost: How I moved my images to Cloudinary

For the past two weeks, I have been very busy moving all my Ghost apps images over to Cloudinary. As you probably know, my Photography Portfolio is running with Ghost and even there is not a ton of content, I needed to ensure it could meet these requirements:

  1. Deliver top quality images faster than my hosting solution
  2. Support RetinaJS assets upload via Ghost

If I was pretty confident with the 1st requirement, the 2nd was a tricky one in addition to move all existing content in Cloudinary.

A new Cloudinary storage adapter for Ghost

I looked for existing

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Ghost: RetinaJS integration

In this post, I will show you how to quickly make your Ghost blog retina-ready.

If you are new to the retina thing, please read the Wikipedia page so you know what we are talking about.

Step 1: make your images retina-ready

I won't explain the whole thing about how to make your images retina-ready but this article covers the most of it.

Whether or not you are using the provided Photoshop export script, just make sure you save your files with @{factor}x.{ext} instead of _{factor}x.{ext}.

  • {factor} is the image dimension factor
  • {ext} is the
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Après une activité quasi-inexistente en 2014, j'ai décidé de reprendre en main ce blog. Après avoir quitté Wordpress pour Ghost et OVH pour Amazon EC2, j'ai récemment changé d'hébergement encore car les factures Amazon étaient trop élevées pour ce que j'en faisais.

Mon blog et comme la plupart de mes sites sont maintenant hébergés sur une instance Centos chez Digital Ocean. Après avoir mis à jour Ghost, j'ai décidé de lacher mon précédent thème pour ce magnifique, multi-couleur et minimalistique thème de JollyGoodThemes.

Originalement, le thème ne gérait que 3 couleurs et n'avait pas de coloration syntaxique. Après quelque temps

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Wordpress to Ghost

Today For the past 2 weeks, I've been trying to move out from my beloved Wordpress blog to this new, shiny and hipsterish blog plateform called Ghost.

So, two big moves:

The longest part wasn't to have Ghost up and running but to import all my Wordpress shit into this baby's DB. Ha, a long story that involved automated and manual work.

Import WP data into Ghost

At first, I tried the Ghost Wordpress Plugin which exported well my WP data but I

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